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I offer one to one support in a safe environment where I will listen in a non judgmental way and help you to understand yourself better.  This will create within you a deeper self awareness, allowing you to explore options, contemplate change and take steps to feel well within.  I will give you a listening ear, emotional support and potentially you will go on a journey of self discovery which will be life changing.  

Whether you have suffered a recent or past negative life experience(s), are in a difficult relationship and want to work out how to best move forward and/or have suffered debilitating symptoms such as low mood and anxiety for example, I can help you to navigate a path that leads to positive mental health and wellbeing.  

I provide a confidential service in a very private, comfortable and tranquil setting, allowing you to have the space you need.  Amongst many others, I have listed below some of the common issues I regularly work with;

  • anxiety 

  • low mood / depression

  • relationship issues (communication difficulties, disconnection and affairs to name a few) including sexual difficulties (erectile dysfunction, orgasm issues, genital pain, low desire, compulsive behaviour, sex addiction and other psychosexual issues)

  • have been bereaved or experiencing other loss

  • suffered trauma e.g. abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), accidents, involvement in traumatic events

  • low self esteem

  • bullying

  • work related or other stressors

I can help you to make sense of whatever you have and are going through, so that you can find a way forward and create for yourself improved emotional wellbeing.

My practice offers a peaceful safe space with bathroom facilities and car parking.  If you find meeting face to face difficult or inconvenient I can facilitate telephoning counselling. 

 07792 813171




















Counselling in,Ballyclare, Doagh, Ballymena and surrounding Newtownabbey area

Joanne Welsh Counsellor Ballyclare Newtownabbey Counselling Room
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