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Life at times can be difficult, maybe you have been hurt by others, are in pain, are confused or uncertain, want to change or just need someone to listen and talk with.  Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to family and friends… I am an independent ear, someone you can share your thoughts and feelings with, so that you can better understand where you are in your life and take steps to move forward.


My practice is based on providing you with the help and support that you need for what may be a difficult time.  I tailor my sessions to each individual, this means that you will gain the most from your counselling, having the confidence that it’s suited to your unique needs and fits with your personality.


This typically might include;

  • exploring an event(s) from your past, considering your views, thoughts and feelings and/or

  • providing you with support right now for whatever is happening in your life and/or

  • the ability to make decisions and how to make change(s) in your life.


At your first session, you can expect a relaxed, comfortable conversation; this will allow me to get to know you a little bit so that I can outline the help that I can provide and also so that you can decide if therapy at my practice is right for you.  

Your initial and following session(s) will be 50 minutes in length.

                    07792 813171

Counselling in Ballyclare, Ballymena, Doagh and surrounding Newtownabbey area

Joanne Welsh Counsellor Ballyclare Newtownabbey Counselling Room
Joane Welsh Counsellor Ballyclare Newtownabbey Counselling Room
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